Production Management :

•  Realizing the significance of cultivating the talents and continuously holding the educational training regarding the enterprise's internal management and technology. Adhering the microscopic philosophy of internationalization in reality, and join the world's pulsation.

•  Mold design, documented. Reduce design errors and quickly show the shape of products and functional requirements.

•  Production Automated, reduce costs and labor works. Shorten lead time for production.

•  Consistent Quality, Stringent quality system helps reduce molding test, costs and risks and also assure quality and finish time.

R & D :

Our R&D team has more than 20 years of experience and is equipped with automatic, precision instruments, excute stringent quality controls for superior in order to meet customer's requirement.

Patent :

Patents illustrate the R & D of a corporation approved by government.
They are proprietary technology and have the ability to improve a corporation.